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The US Response
Published on December 4, 2008 By Bahu Virupaksha In Current Events

The recent terror strikes in Mumbai have all the charecteristics of the al-qaeda and was carried out by nearly 20-25 well trained and armed men, probably of Pakistani or British origin. The purpose of the attacks was to cripple the financial center of India which is being seen by sections of the liberal establishment as abn "emergin power". The fact in that under the Congress regime presently in power India has become a soft state utterly incapable of responing to any kind of terrorism or challenge. The political class in India is completely insulated from the population and the so called leaders have a triple ring of security to protwect one set of criminals from another set. The Prime Minister is essentially keeping the seat warm for Rahul Gandhi and given the dynastic fascism promoted by the congress it is likely that in the next round of elections that young, inexprienced scion of the dynasty will be projected as the prime ministerial candidate. I have no doubt that under these circumstances it will be impossible for Inida to fight terrrrism in a well organised manner and the latest in Mumbai that killed nealrly 300 people is the 259 terrorist strike since the Congess regime slipped into office.

The fact is that the CIA and the India Intelleigence had warned the Government of India about the preparations in Pakistan for a sea strike along the Mumbai coast. The warning was just filed away and was not communicated to the agencies on the ground. Even the routine security provided to the Taj Hotel was scaled down and so it was very easy for the terrorists who hikjacked an Indian twraler, MV Kuber, killed its captain and came to the shore in rubber dingy. What is shocking is that the terrorists landed very close to the Indian Naval base and quickly disappeared into the crowd. The ease with which the militants were able to gain the upper hand shows that there is just no security paln ion place anywhwre in India except for the politicians who unfortunately do not get killed in such violent attacks.

The seige in the Hotels at Nariman point lasted for nearly 68 hours and the 9 terrorists were finally killed. The polimen and security forces acted with exemplary courage and the sacrifice of Mjaor Unnikrihnan who was killed in the Taj Hotel battle was even insulted by the politcian, Achutanandan. The contempt that the politicians of India have for the ordinary citizens who die for the country is generating a huge backlash and I do hope that the Congress and their allies are just thrown out lock stock and barrel.

The Mumbai strikes revealed that the police were armed with obsolete 303 rifles of World War I vintage and in a crucial battle at Shivaji station the guns jammed compromising the entire operations. What is worse, the politician Vilasrao Dehmukh took his film star son on the tour of the devastated sites were more than 300 people were killed with the intention of makinmg a film out of the trgedy.

My thoughts go out to the citizens of the State of Israel who lost 8 of their citizens. I am confident that Israel will not let this tragedy go unavenged ven if the criminals in power in India do not respond.


on Dec 04, 2008

I have been mistaken.  YOu are not a liberal.  You are an anarchist! (saying that in a good sense).

Your write up is good, and the situation is sad.  I do not know enough about Indian Politics to agree or disagree with you there, but I can see the contempt for the government in your writing.

Good article.

on Dec 05, 2008

Your write up is good, and the situation is sad. I do not know enough about Indian Politics to agree or disagree with you there, but I can see the contempt for the government in your writing

Thank you, Dr Guy.

on Dec 29, 2008

It's a bit late for my comment, I guess, but I didn't follow your blog.

The attack on India was a shock. My sympathies lie with the victims, both Indian and foreign.

I hope the Indian government get their act together and find out what to do. I also hope that Israeli intellignce will advise them.

India is a great country, with a good military force, and access to some of the best technology in the world. I wish India all the best!