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Larry King and his TV journalism
Published on July 11, 2010 By Bahu Virupaksha In Entertainment

Larry King of CNN shares smmething in common with the Tudor king of England: He too has had 8 wives and all of them blondes. I do hope that this is all that they share in common. On a more serious note, "What kind of TV journalism did Larry King represent?

I have been a keen watcher of the Larry King Live show on CNN. His trade mark suspenders that he has converted into a fashion statement, his wry sense of humour, his mischevious glint in the eye and his friendly non-threatening style of interviewing all add up to graet T V journalism. I rember the show that he did with Michael Jackson soon after the 2005 trial, Larry King showed great humanity when he refused to haul the Prince of Pop over the coals just to demonstrate mainstream US's perceptions of MJ led me to believe that for all his shortcomings, Larry King was a fine human being.

The man has interviewed all American Presidents form Eisenhower to Barack Obama and has seen US transform itself from a superpower to a multicultural state during the course of his professional life. In today's TV journalism wherein poets, historians and statesmen have to jostles for space with sundry octopusses, lions, ,monkeys and the like Larry King represented a different era and a gentler world. Commercial interests did not always dictate the priorities of the networks.

Well it can be said that unlike Anderson Cooper, Sanjay Gupta, Jonathan Mann and others who rely on solid research for their programme, the King of Interviews had a more laid back attitude.

When Larry King leaves the air, he will be missed.



on Jul 11, 2010

Not by me.  But glad you enjoyed him.

on Jul 11, 2010

You always have Chris 'tingle up my leg' Matthews over at MSDNC

on Jul 11, 2010

How come Larry can leave TV but some Senators wait till they die to empty their seats?

on Jul 11, 2010

Sorry, duplicate post.

on Jul 12, 2010

On non-political issues, Larry King was an entertainer.  Very softball in his questions.  But he often failed to be a true journalist when it came to political topics.  As such, he has history, but not much else.

I personally preferred Ted Koppel.  While his politics were never in question, he never hesitated to ask the hardball questions.

on Jul 14, 2010

Personally I think Larry King was better in much earlier days, on radio.  He had gotten to be far too soft in his questions and instead of working on news he was definitely working on the entertainment side of his interviews.  In the past he might have broken some news or at least helped listeners (and in the early days of his TV show, viewers) learn something new, but in his last several years appearances on his shows never broke any new ground and were just fluff pieces that were promotional opportunities for the people that went on the show.

on Jul 30, 2010

This stale cream-puff of an interviewer has finally left the day old shelf. Not much of a difference for a guest to appear on Letterman or Leno IMO. OK if you like that sort of thing, I expect a bit more from a news network.

on Dec 17, 2010

Hoboken, NJ... you're "off" the air.